Welcome to our new Year 6 bloggers Emillie & Natasha, they will endeavor to capture the WOW moments each week and share them with you here.

This week in Reception the children have been working on lots of exciting things including singing and baking delicious buns. They have also been making some waterproof clothing for Geoffly, so that he doesn’t get wet for when it’s raining outdoors.

In Year 1 the children have been making scary spiders and spooky skeletons. In RE, the children have been making snowflakes. All the children in Year 1 this week have been on their best behaviour.

The children in Year 2 have been working with a partner and have made trails for them to follow. The trails were made out of leaves, twigs and other items from outside. The children have not only made trails outside but they have also been drawing them in their books. In PE, the children have been learning about throwing balls at different targets; the children have excelled and enjoyed the challenge.

This week in Year 3, the children have been working on some very exciting things. On Thursday they went in the ICT room discovering what it’s like to play on Scratch. Also this week, the children have been mud painting outside. The children also had a very special letter off the Queen Elizabeth; the children were very excited when they received the letter.

In Year 4 the children have been learning about the Viking timeline; they even made some Viking drawings out of special Viking chalk. Some of the children have begun to participate in football club on lunchtime; the children have really enjoyed this week’s session of football. This class have also been performing and learning about poems; their favourite poem was chocolate cake by Michael Rosen.

When Year 5 were with Mrs Ingham this week they have been learning about Sukkot in RE; the children said that they have really enjoyed learning about it. Their favourite part of this week has been in RE when they watched a video based on Jewish harvest festivals.

Science was the main WOW moment in Year 6, the children have been learning about how mirrors reflect light. They have also been making periscopes; they can look over objects and around corners. Year 6 have tried really hard on their projects and would love to do it again another day.