During their time at Hedon Primary School, we think it is important that children enjoy a wide range of experiences and challenges.  Our 50 things is not an exclusive list but sets out the things that we think are important to us and our community.  It includes experiences which our pupils may not otherwise  get the chance to try.

1. Climb a tree
2. Learn to swim
3. Run around in the rain
4. Have a sleepover with friends
5. Play conkers
6. Have fun on a bike
7. Cross the road safely
8. Play in the snow
9. Go on a nature trail
10. Visit a farm
11. Hunt for bugs
12. Bring up a butterfly
13. Go on a night time walk
14. Plant it, grow it and eat it
15. Ride a scooter safely
16. Build a raft
17. Try rock climbing
18. Find your way with a compass and a map
19. Cook on a campfire
20. Canoe down a river
21. Build a mud pie
22. Play water games
23. Weave with twigs
24. Go on a bear hunt
25. Build something together
26. Eat something new
27. Play beach games
28. Create wild art
29. Enter a competition
30. Make a home for a wild animal
31. Play a team sport
32. Learn about food miles
33. Dress up
34. Raise money for charity
35. Create a film
36. Perform on stage
37. Complete something challenging
38. Have a picnic
39. Visit the theatre
40. Bake a cake
41. Go on a bus/train
42. Read a story to someone else
43. Kick leaves
44. Play a musical instrument
45. Go to a stadium
46. Use a camera
47. Learn to sew
48. Take something apart to see how it works
49. Take a risk
50. Make a den/tent