Data Protection

Hedon Primary School collects and uses personal information about staff, pupils, parents and other individuals who come into contact with the school. This information is gathered in order to enable it to provide education and other associated functions. In addition, there may be a legal requirement to collect and use information to ensure that the school complies with its statutory obligations.

Data protection legislation (UK GDPR, DPA 2018 and all other applicable law about processing of personal data and privacy), reinforce common sense rules regarding information handling which most organisations, including our school would try to follow anyway.

Data protection laws give confidence to individuals that their personal data will be treated appropriately and that it will not be misused. The school and its staff have a duty to protect data and treat information securely.

They protect personal data that is data about living identifiable individuals.

The school has a Data Protection in place to ensure we comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation.  It will apply to information regardless of the way it is collected, used, recorded, stored and destroyed, and irrespective of whether it is held in paper files or electronically. All staff involved with the collection, processing and disclosure of personal data will be aware of their duties and responsibilities by adhering to these guidelines.

Rights of access to information

1.Under  the UK GDPR any individual has the right to make a request to access the personal information held about them.
2. There is also the right of those entitled to have access to curricular and educational records as defined within the Education Pupil Information (England) Regulations 2006.

The school, as a public authority, is also subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000.