Report by Emillie & Natasha (Year 6)

On Wednesday 28th September, we held a coffee morning to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support. The children have been working hard baking some yummy treats to share with their parents.

In Foundation the children have been making some fantastic flapjack. The children were very proud of their baking skills and enjoyed the excitement. The children’s parents really enjoyed tasting it and were amazed by all the hard work and effort that had been put into it.

Year 1 have been working really hard on trying to perfect their brilliant chocolate buttoned buns. Since yesterday, the children have been working especially  hard making the bun mixture so that the buns were all nice and fluffy. Everyone enjoyed the buns and the children were very proud of their work.

In Year 2 they made some delicious crispy buns. The buns were very crunchy indeed; the children also really enjoyed the experience of baking with the full class. Everyone one loved the taste of their buns and would love to make them again.

The children is Year 3 made some tasty chocolate chip cookies with the help of Miss Ellis. The children said that the cookies were really crunchy on the edges and, soft in the middle. The children’s parents really enjoyed tasting their child’s hard work.

In Year 4, the children made some spectacular buns with sprinkles on the top. All the children, worked extremely hard on their piece of work that they presented to there parents. The children, also thought that it was an excellent idea to make buns as everyone loved them so much.

In Year 5 the children made some delicious rocky road with Mrs Bateman; everyone said that they loved the taste of of the chocolatey burst that entered their mouths as they ate it. Miss Baker thought that the children produced a lovely piece of work and was very proud of them.

The Year 6 children, made some amazing cheesecake ( with the help of Mrs Houlton) to help raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support. Their parents thought that the children had put hard work and effort into their treats. Mr Johnson was very proud of the children’s baking and behaviour during the baking time that they had.

We think the coffee morning was a great idea, and it is even more fantastic that the children have taken part in the charity as it was all for a good cause.  Mr Sutton, a parent & Governor, said, “As a school we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated some money to the MacMillan Cancer Support. We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who made something outside of school, as this really helped us increase on  our donation money to give to MacMillan”.