Our approach to phonics and reading

Foundation/Key Stage 1

Children first learn their letter sounds and names then apply these to word building. We use Letters and Sounds as the basis for our teaching of phonics. This is a recognised synthetic phonic schemes. The children will also learn a variety of other key words by sight.

Children read individually, in small groups and as a whole class. A variety of different genres are chosen at an appropriate level of ability for each group of children. As well as being able to read the text, children are encouraged to discuss the content of the book and their opinions about people, places and events are sought. The more able readers will be asked about the varied themes of different texts.

Whole class reading is used to develop inference, retrieval and prediction skills.  Children spend time discussing each chapter of their class book or section of text length thinking about new vocabulary and really getting to grips with what the text means.  In this way pupils are taught to not just decode texts but understand them fully.

Our core reading scheme in Key Stage 1 is Rising Star Reading Rockets with Oxford reading Tree moving into Year 2.  These are supplemented by various other schemes which enrich our reading provision and provide a varied ‘literary diet’ for our pupils.

Key Stage 2

Through independent reading, shared reading in literacy lessons and cross-curricular sessions, whole class reading and reading for pleasure, reading in Key Stage 2 develops and extends the skills acquired in Key Stage 1.  In whole class reading, pupils work with their peers to pull apart texts, understand them deeply and learn how to formulate their own ideas from what they have read.  Each week is structured to ensure all reading skills are covered and vocabulary is at the heart of the learning.

Children explore a wide variety of genre, both fiction and non-fiction which allows them to access, input ideas and understand what they are reading. They are given opportunities to speculate on the tone and purpose of texts they explore as well as consider both the texts’ themes and audience.

We have a wide range of high quality texts which both stretch and excite our pupils. Specific books have been purchased to interest both boys and girls. We also have a selection of high interest, low ability readers materials.

Hedon’s Reading Heroes

At Hedon Primary School we reward regular reading.  Children are encouraged to read at home daily and record something interesting about what they have read in their reading record.  These reads are counted and logged towards coloured reading bands which can be proudly worn for school each day.

VIP Readers

Children reading over and above the expected number of time at home each week (3 times in Key Stage 1 and 4 times in Key Stage 2), are given a raffle ticket per additional read.  One raffle ticket per class is drawn in our Friday Celebration Assembly.  The weekly Reading VIP enjoys special privileges in school.  These include being able to queue jump to the front of any line and free toast from the school snack shop.