Written by Emillie & Natasha (Year 6)

This week, has been very eventful for everyone; from some people’s very first Harvest Festival to baking delicious rocky road. So sit back and listen to our favourite moments of this week.

Foundation have had probably the best week ever! They got to experience wants it like to bake as a team, but most importantly they participated in their first ever Harvest Festival. The children said that they really enjoyed all the rehearsals; their favourite part was definitely when they got the chance to show their parents the hard work. A big well done to Foundation! 

For Year 1’s wow of the week they decided to share to everyone about their rehearsals for their harvest assembly. The children said that they really enjoyed taking part with their friends on a big event. 

Year 2 this week, have been on a very sporty trip; on Wednesday they set off all the way to South Holderness Technology College to take part in a sporty festival. The children, took part in lots of sporty activities. When the children got back, they told everyone how tired they were but how much fun it was as well.

This week in Year 2, the children have been making some musical patterns. The children tried to make patterns out of music (which was really hard, that not even the older children could do). 

For Year 3’s wow moment of the week they decided to talk about their French work they did on Wednesday. The children (with the help of Mrs Ingham) were working how to say their feeling in French; Mrs Ingham said that she thought the children worked really hard on their work and will definitely excel in the next lesson.

This week in Year 4, the children have been making slime in Science. With the help of Miss Walmsley, the children have been making some super slime; they said that they loved making it even though was a bit messy. 

In Year 5, the children have been making some very detailed planets. The children can now say all of the planets as quick as a cheetah. Everyone really enjoyed learning about them and, would love to do it again.

This week in Year 6, the children have been rehearsing for their Harvest assembly. The children have been researching lots of facts about the history of harvest and what King Henry VIII did to Catholic Churches. Even though it took a while for the children to decide on what to do, they got there eventually.

(Miss Baker would like to thank the girls for writing this in their own time, they appreciate the positive feedback we’ve received from parents.)