Supporting EAL pupils at Hedon Primary School

At Hedon Primary School all children with English as an Additional Language (EAL) are taught in an inclusive and stimulating environment. Class teachers use a range of strategies to ensure children with EAL are able to access the learning and curriculum whether they are Advanced Bilingual Learners (ABL) or New to English (NtE).

The children are able to socialise and interact with their peers who speak English fluently which allows them to learn the language quickly.

The progress and attainment of all EAL learners in reading, wring and maths is closely monitored by the class teacher to ensure they are doing as well as they can. The child’s speaking and listening skills are also assessed; these assessments support the teachers to ensure the children are able to make the appropriate next steps in their learning.

If your child is New to English we arrange a meeting with you to make sure we give you as much information about the school and find out all about how we can help your child have a smooth transition into their new class.

What do we do to support your child?

Here are some of the strategies we use in school to help children that are New to English:


EAL Buddies

A Buddy will:
• Speak the same language as the new child if possible (If this is not possible we choose a child that will model good English and is confident and friendly)
• Make the new child feel welcome
• Show the new child around the classroom and point out the important places for example: cloakroom, toilets, book bag box
• Introduce the new child to different friendship groups
• Explain learning activities to the new child
• Be a friend and check the new child is happy
• Feedback to the class teacher
• Group activities

We work in small groups to learn in English in different ways. We like to use story books and creative activities to help us. We practise reading, writing, speaking and listening and Mathematics.



We try to provide the children with experiences they may not have come across so far. We do this through our English themes, Religious education, Personal, social and citizenship education and special events.



Class teachers work together to track the children’s speaking and listening skills as well as their reading, writing and Mathematics skills. We then set targets that allow the children to take the next steps in their learning.


A language rich environment

As a school we make sure key vocabulary is taught and displayed around the classroom. We use lots of different visual resources to make sure all children can access the curriculum.

What can you do to help your child?

• Explore lots of different books with your child, talk about the pictures and the story. (Please download our reading strategies document to help!)
• Practise reading and writing key words. (Please download or key word mats to help you!)
• Spend time exploring numbers and the way they work.
• Go and explore outside – experience the different seasons and the world around you.
• Play lots of different word games! (Please see the links below for different games to play on the internet.)


Here are some links to external resources