The school day



School begins at 8.50am for Key Stage 2 pupils and 8.55am for Key Stage 1 pupils.  It is important all children are in their classrooms punctually to begin work.

Children must not arrive on the playground before 8.40am as the school is unable to offer supervision.  The trim trails are out of bounds before and after school.  Doors will be opened by staff to enable children to come in and hang their coats up and change their shoes.


Pupils have one set break during the school day at 10.45am for 15 minutes.   Class teachers may take their own class out for an afternoon break if they wish.


Assemblies take place every day.


The lunch break begins at 12 noon.  The lunch break lasts until 1pm. 

End of the day

School finishes at 3.30pm.  All parents should collect their children from the appropriate playground or door.